DCooperation - Meet @zainenn ☺► Dtube Collaboration #16 ◄

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In this @DCooperation I am interviewing an amazing guy @zainenn from California. He is a dtuber from the start and it was very interesting to know how he thinks. He is also inviting a lot of people to steemit, just like he invited @tarian and @brainpod. I hope we see them on @dtube as well. ☺

Tips given by @zainenn are :

  • Care a lot about networking.

  • Comment as much as possible.

  • Stop watching tv shows and start watching dtube's video.

So, follow the positive guy and watch the video. ☺

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Thank you for this opportunity @clixmoney the interview was a lot of fun! It is 2:44am for me right now, I would leave a more in-depth comment, however, bedtime.

Good night, I hope to see you more in our dcooperations. ☺

Hello Sir, I watched your video and I really enjoyed and learn from you both. As I am a beginner I need your support.

I will be grateful to you if you read my post- Is BTC a Blind Game click here
and give me ur suggestions I am waiting for your response. It will helpful for me to grow my Network.
Thank you :)

Good post, especially it's upvoted by one of the best steemians @teamsteem. So it's a good start, keep doing it and commenting others and everything will be ok. ☺

Thank you so much for responding Sir. I am very happy to get ur reply.

I just learned some new watching this video again you always have an informative information also that one world government is on the rise lol

Yeah, our goverment will be the best ever. ☺

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@clixmoney I like your interviews man! I think it's really cool you do that and I replied on your comment asking me about Discord. Steem is pretty neat! I'm happy to be here. This guy you interviewed is awesome and so are you!

Thanks a lot, I already contacted you on discord, waiting for the answer ☺ , this is me there : clixmoney#0084