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When I install an application on my phone, or join a project or even buy a product, I always look for feedback about that.

Feedback is that reaction to anything can be discussed or think about.

When we look at the adndroid and ios applications we always find information about it from people tried them.

Before joining any project on the web, we look for reviews from people who were there.

The same about any product, before buying it, we try to find out about the experience of others.

We can apply that to steem, so people from outside have to have a good view about it.

When proposals about the hard fork were created, they should consider to have a good feedback about steem.

If more people from all arround the world will write and say positive things about steem, more people will join.

Not only making it profitable from the current curators is important, but it should be prepared to onboard more.

The same about any application build on steem, it should be user friendly to make it easy for everyone to use.

Also as steemians, we should care about our own good feedback, so by bringing value to the chain we will have it.

Any feedback need to be also supported, by answering those asked questions and solving problems.

Not only steem team and applications team are responsible, but each steemian can help with that.

If you see anyone having an issue about steem or anything built on it, you should guide that person.

The feedback is the most important thing to care about.

What do you think ?

Thanks for watching my video and reading my blog. ☺

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I guess since I have been writing minnow tips for 2 years, I'm all about this. I answer questions all day long sometimes.

I have been reviewing dApps, answering bounty questions, dpolling and entering at lot of contests lately. Also updating my monster list of tips since April. I know I help people survive here, so I feel I am doing the right thing. I wish it paid better :)

I hope it will pay you better in the future. I see your activity and I'm really happy that we have someone like you helping everyone being positive about steem. I hope in the future whales will see the importance of supporting steemians like you, just keep doing what you are doing, the right people will always notice the hard workers.