I reached reputation 64 & 1400 steem power - This is how to delegate correctly - Day 142 !

in dtube •  4 months ago

I'm very happy being active on @dtube , today I reached the reputation 64 and 1400 steem power.

The thing that happen to me today is that I didn't delegate my power correctly and I showed in the video the big mistake I did. But my power will be back to me in 7 days and I will delegate it to @dcooperation again.

By mistake I thought that 1.400 is 1400 because in Russia we don't put the comma in thousands.

There is also an other thing in delegating steem power, is that if you want to delegate more power to the same account, you need to plus that amount to the delegated one and then you can delegate. For example if you are delegating to someone 100 and you want to add him 10, don't delegate 10 but 110 and only that way you will add 10. But if you delegate 10 the other 90 will be undelegated, I hope I'm right and you will not make the same mistake.

My goal now is reputation 65 and steem power 2000.

Thanks for watching and reading. ☺

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

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Handsome looking.. Impressive progress. Keep it up boss.eromoooooo.png

@clixmoney, congrats! 64 reputation is really a great achievement!

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Thanks a lot. ☺


Your comment is always on the top, this is how steem works, when you comment a lot it gives you visibility, I also comment a lot, that's why I don't need to upvote my comment to be visible. Keep going, you are doing well.☺


@clixmoney, very interesting. I didn't know it. Thank you for the useful information.

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Hey congratulations buddy, you are growing faster. 😅


Thanks a lot. ☺

A huge congratulation for your big achievement, keep growing more...


Thank you very much. ☺

Good information bro

Congratulations man that is so awesome! :)


Thanks a lot. ☺


You are very welcome!

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Sir then why don’t you show your power on this comment by upvoting @clixmoney just joking 😂😂. Congratulations sir keep growing and keep sharing your great thoughts with us

Congratulations for the great achievement


Thank you very much.☺

Congratulations buddy.... And thanks for telling us about it.


You are very welcome. ☺

Congratulations!!! :)


Thanks. ☺

Sry for the belated wishes my friend !

Congratulations on this big number ! 64 wow ...

man .... it will take years to get there :) and also 1400 SP is huge my friend !
I wish you much fun and success on your next reputation levels ! Keep going the good work dude <3


You are very welcome, thanks. ☺