Vlog #230 - 20% Author Reward Cut Proposal to Finance Steemalliance

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@Steemalliance was created after the drama between the community and Steemit. Now they want to propose to cut the author payout from 52% to 41% from the reward pool to finance the @Steemalliance.

I share my total disagreement, I propose solutions and my way of thinking!

The idea takes from @runicar

Article link: https://steemit.com/steem/@runicar/are-you-ready-for-a-20-decrease-in-author-rewards#@chesatochi/re-runicar-are-you-ready-for-a-20-decrease-in-author-rewards-20190210t133558716z

PS. If you don't agree, don't blame in comments, I share my honest opinion about it.

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Steem Alliance has nothing do with the proposal and the WPS is also not designed to finance the Steem Alliance - they might use it in the future, but that's it.

This organization needs to find his way on his own and remove the reward pool out the equation and author payout.

The SteemAlliance is not nor is there plans to finance any future foundation from the reward pool.

Since all proposals for the structure of any future foundations will be placed in front of the community you and other members of the community will be able to voice your displeasure and push for that proposal not to be accepted.

Perfect I will vote my 28 spots ramaining for witnesses below the top 20 as a way to protest today.

Have a good Sunday. :)

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well I highly support you choosing and voting for witnesses, just exactly how is doing so going to register as a protest?

The Steem Alliance and the Worker Proposal System are not related. The Steem Alliance and witnesses are not interconnected.

If a hard fork is needed to implement the Worker Proposal System that Blocktrades is building then the top 20 will have some say in the project, yes. If one is not needed, then how exactly will your votes be a protest?

It may help if you actually learn the facts and then act based on facts, not FUD.

Like I say I don't agree with this proposal and I protest 100% toward it. Nothing to continue this circular debate.

Have a great week ahead.

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there is nothing circular about you getting the story you're spread around dead wrong.

These are two separate issues my friend. Yes, the is a proposal to cut rewards by 20% but that can still change as discussions occur amongst the community. However, the Worker Proposal is not from the Steem Alliance as it is a tool to fund future development projects to benefit the ecosystem in case funding causes and issue to continue developing our blockchain. Nobody will do it for free so paying as a community for the future growth is worth it as we know that many improvements are still needed here. I think the details of the proposals are still pending so we should wait, discuss and then decide how we will proceed.

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The Steem Proposal System by Blocktrades is doing a survey for which option to finance it and one of the options is with the reward pool and donation. Even if they are independent, both entities want to take a portion in the reward pool and against that.

Cutting rewards for any purpose is questionable to me

I was very upset to hear about it, it is already very difficult to just to make a few pennies here. Imagine if your lost 20% + the beneficiary if that apply + the curation part of the payout.

You will have dust in the form of payment!