Vlog #217 - Put the Dream Extreme High on Steem Blockchain

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You need to set the dream high on everything you on the steem blockchain!

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Next Goals on Steem Blockchain

1. Reputation level 67 - Steem-Magician
2. To become an orca

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@chesatochi, Without any doubt Steem Blockchain will become giant, but everyone should know that journey to become giant is not Quick one, so we have to travel from the dynamic path and this is long term journey, but success will come and we need self belief to continue this journey effectively. Stay blessed.


It is not easy in the crypto space and even all the energy we put into. I really hope to see the light and the sight of the next epic crypto bull run!


Genuinely speaking, at this point of time i am not seeing towards bull run but the Steem is spreading it's dynasty and i believe it will spread the light in coming years. Have a blessed time ahead.

I believe which is why I strive to also become an Orca my friend!

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I am already there in my mind, opportunities will come along the way to make this possible! :)