Community Growth Project 65- Introducing

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Community Growth Project 65- Introducing
Introducing - A Decentralized Question and Answer Platform on Steem!

Community Growth Project:
Community Growth Project Mission is to highlight and spotlight people and communities using the Steem platforms. Everyone has a voice that needs to be heard, a vision that needs to be seen, and an idea that needs curation. The Community Growth Project is here to provide sound, sight, and curation for people and the communities of Steem no matter how big or how small.

To give every person voice an ear so that voice can be heard, to give every person vision eyes so that more can see, to give every person’s ideas a platform that more can be shared.

The community, the people involved and engaged in the community growth project are united to curate content by all people with in Steem and its affiliated markets. No matter how big the person, group, project, or community. Everyone deserves to be noticed.

The CGP seeks out daily new groups, new people, new content, to share and support. Does not matter the topic the platform or the format if it is doing something good for Steem or the people in general.

CGP strives to support original and uniquely created and shared ideas and concepts. Video, Images, Articles, it does not matter the venue or vessel. Create and share so the world may see your vision.

The empowerment of that which you create, without substance one simply cannot exist. The content of the CGP while not perfect is working to grow and expand to reach new audiences, partner with different communities, and maintain unique and original delivery.


Let’s all grow together.

Invest in those whom invest in you.

Invest in yourself or no one else will.

Community Growth Project How to Join:

Community Growth Project How to Join:

  1. Leave you tag as a comment in this post

  2. Please remember to follow all the members in the group

  3. Up vote at least one of the members post per day - does not have to be 100% Vote but this is to support and help members in the community grow

  4. Leave a comment on one of the members post per day members names are below

To become a member, follow the above steps and leave your tag in the comments

Current Members:
@cgbartow @digitokash @dreday20 @luiggih @kofibeatz @bunnypuncher @doctoryak @liquidtravel @kristiana.b0308 @aristone @street.workout @blog-beginner @sheriffakin @youngogmarqs

To be removed

Simply submit your tag with the comment remove

Remember to tune in for Daily DTube Videos from CGP

Thursdays 1 SBD Giveaway - Must be a CGP member

Thank you all for Watching Tune in Daily! for more Community Growth Project with CryptoChrisB - @Cgbartow

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Nice find, like Quora. I think I just do not like that they are not fully integrated into the blockchain when it comes to the answers but kind of makes sense if you think of SMT since they would like to keep that data inside the platform. **correction I checked again and each answer becomes a post , with different tags. this could be a bit better but does work well for SEO **

Just nitpicking. I like that steem now has a quora I always enjoyed answering there when possible and answering things is much more fun than thinking of things to post. Guess now we wait for the saturation point of the same style of question over and over and over again haha.

Nice coverage though, I would note that maybe it is nice with the blockchain applications to dive a bit deeper in how they work especially these steem ones since a person is not always sure to what extent they actually affect your view of your blog.

Looking forward to the next one and congrats on the Dtube vote.

@penderis Thanks for dropping in. I do appreciate the feedback on the video, I should have took a deeper look into how the answer is placed as a new post on your page and highlighted that. Also I have touched base with team @musing and am doing a follow up communication to maybe do an interview or even a deep dive into all the working and get a real feel for a follow on post.

I wanted to give as much energy to a great project as I could so I did not want it to drag out and be long and over extended. I hope to see you on asking questions and giving answers lets help them to grow via interactions and support.

Daily The CGP curates and shares as much love as we possibly can to motivate educate and help build everyone. If the content is good original and has a purpose to better something or someone we support it. Everyone has a voice, value, and presence we should all be showcased in some fashion or another. I appreciate your support thank you.

This actually made our day haha. Thanks for covering us.

Nice @cgbartow. You basically covered all the necessary skills to be an effective interrogator LOL! looks like a cool platform.

I think the idea of investing to someone who's investing in you really defines the meaning of "partnership". I hope this community grows! Good job!

Thank's, you've given a detailed information...