Wizard Gear - The Oura Ring for Tracking Biometrics

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On this episode of Wizard Gear, I'll be showing you one of my favorite biometric tracking devices... the Oura Ring!

The Oura Ring is primarily designed to track sleep quality, but also tracks activity, heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV). This allows those of us who are fine tuning our biology to track the effect of the various things we try on the factors which influence our well-being and energy the most.

You can learn more about the Oura Ring here:

Thanks for watching and I'll see ya next time!
Cahlen Lee

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Nice review. The Oura seems more comfortable that standard sports trackers. Being a no-screen device is a big plus.
How did you find the right size? Did you use the sizing kit?

The smart ring market is currently small but options do exist e.g. the Motiv ring. Is the there a specific reason you chose the Oura over other options?

Ya, I ordered the sizing kit for a couple bucks.

I didn't know about the Motiv at the time. I knew a number of people, including including the doctor running 40 Years of Zen, who were happy with the Oura.

Well the biohacking trend is defintely going to get bigger in 2020.
When samsung, huawei and apple enter the smart ring game it is definitely going to become more popular.

Hope to see more posts from you on steemit/dtube in 2020. It always interesting to read about your nomadic lifestyle and the habits, gear, nutrition etc you are into.