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Today, I will show you a place that I always want to return to and from which I am always very sad to travel. I feel very free here. This is a wonderful place where I am united with nature and in this video I have tried to convey to you all this warmth and comfort that I feel.


My village is not just a village, it is a soulful place of freedom and native environment. There is a special atmosphere here, everything is real. Not all people understand this, so few people value such things as I do. All people are now very concerned and do not notice the beauty and special little things of nature. Recently, I have become even more aware of the need to appreciate every minute on this earth and more often to reconnect with nature.


To permeate every little thing, admire the scenery and catch the sun's rays, spending time with benefit.
And it is especially important to appreciate every minute we spend with our relatives, because no one knows how much time we have been allocated on this earth.

One of the main reasons why I go to the village is that my grandparents live there. These are very dear people to me. My mother (@olga.maslievich) was born into them. I always tell them that they are very important to me, because sometimes they allow such horrible thoughts as if they are not important to anyone.

(Our MonnaLisa)

And our (James Bond)

We take an example from them. These are the two pigeons that have lived their entire lives together and you look at them: They combine the happiness and joy that shines from them.


In my video you can see snippets of their lives. In fact, all who is in their yard is important to me. Rabbits, a dog, chickens, storeroom, even a manure without it, my native grandfather's yard would not be like that home. All these special antique devices as a street washbasin are very special to me. I still have such a favorite activity in village to walk in the morning with bare feet of wet grass with dew. I feel great happiness inhaling the air of the garden and the autumn leaves.


I enjoy the sun that shines in my left eye.
I love it!

Write in a comment what is important to you in this life. Places, people, animals, things!?

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@bugavi, You're lucky girl for staying beautiful village. I love your environment exactly because I love to live natural background. There were some pets. I think place where we living, people who we're keep good friendship and pets important to keep better life to us.

This is great @madushanka!
Thank you for responding! Reactions people on my posts is very important for me :)
Have a great day!!!