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Village life is very exciting and multifaceted. Here always will be actuall hard work. My familiar guys, who live next door are extremely resourceful. They know physics more without studying it at school, than I already study it at school. All because they learn everything in practice. In a past post about #ukrainianvillage'sentertainment, I mentioned, that my friends made a car made of wood and iron, which had a towel, headlights. If you are curious to see here:

  I'm super racer from all

Well, in fact, everything I asked him to help, he knows everything. It's very cool! For example, he helped me to did my stand for clothes. You can check it here:

Wooden stand for clothes created with own hands

So, this time around, his invention is a trailer made of wood that has to be attached to a bicycle and is intended to carry his younger sister.


And the funny thing is, that the bike also has such a wooden piece to which actually the trailer should be attached. The trailer consists of two wooden bases and an old basket. I find it a very creative invention. So, what's the convenience?! Transportation is generally comfortable, but when you drive you feel like a dumb bag of potatoes. Great for transporting such goods in the form of small children. But when someone bigger and who has wide thighs changes the situation, it simply does not fit there.


By the way, as he did not deny, I still made a video about his creative work as well. (I already tortured them with the fact that I need creative content;)


And this evening in my video you will be able to see how this invention will wander along the hills, from which you can see beautiful fallow deer, fields, forests. Also, exclusively, in my report you can see obstacles in which this art-village transport got during his trip.


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