Moving or a little trip from a tango-concert to a super loud party on the roof of FestRepublic to mark the birthday of the owner of large network "Local" | original content from bugavi, xo

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I am super sophisticated today... <

Recently opened an institution or a whole platform for parties and festivals and forums in Lviv. We didn't know about this as usual. And now we had the opportunity to go to the party for your tickets to the Marianichi / Dribango Trio.


We went to a tango concert because there was a very influential mom's friend
and we went to make a great acquaintance for the further development of our Coffee Gourmets Club.


She was the lead.
When we arrived, we saw a large area with different loft designs. Very creative place.


We went in the middle there were a bunch of checks and strict security guards.
In fact, we were easily met. We showed the ticket and attached a bracelet. We went to the second floor and saw a room with dim lighting


and tables on which candles stood and people sat there, looking like a real intelligence gathering. We ordered coffee, juice and sat at a table near the stage.
The Marianichi Trio was formed by Marianna (Owner of "The Old Lion's Coffee Shop") and two musicians.

So, Mariana sang Ukrainian self-composed songs sometimes with tango rhythm.
And the tango invited professional couples we saw earlier at Retro Evening at Hnat Hotkevich's Palace danced.

We She looked very sophisticated and formal, if honestly it was a little boring to listen to her two hours of performance...

In this "piece of ear" we heard, that on the roof, the same Fest Republic will be a sunset party.


We decided to visit it, we went up to the third floor and saw a completely different format. Stylish photo area, DJs and spotlights and bright colorful sunset lights that illuminate the whole thing. So, we were free to explore the territory and not even suspecting anything. I had the only desire at that party - to take pictures in a pink bath with balls.


And when I got there, there was a queue of four girls, and I waited for them to take a photo in the bathroom for 20 minutes. It is funny and sad at the same time.
Then we went closer to the dance floor my mother (@olga.maslievich) immediately began to "ignite" dance. And I had 5cm heel shoes (just the only shoes that fit my beige elegant dress. I didn't feel very able to dance. Then my mom told me that it turns out this whole establishment belongs to the owner of network "Local".


And I, as the "engine" in our duet with my mom, decided to go and get acquainted with him. We also took a photo, but we have not yet arrived at the exact moment he was greeted with his birthday (in my video on Dtube this moment was filmed) all the people clapped the party, a big salute from millions of confetti exploded straight from the sky.


I do not want any strangers to come to my birthday party. By the way at the expense of his men, one of those was his mother's nephew, my cousin. He bought us two glasses of wine (don't blame). And later they lit a huge bonfire (in my video) in the backyard of that platform.

Well, in short, Have fun as we can!:)


There was a very intense movement from official to free.
Have a nice night:

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You and your mum look great 😊

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Thank you, Aaron☺️

You can tell they had a lot of fun, but there are more girls than boys at the party, right?

The party decoration is a bit strange, hahahaha

Tell your mom to visit my last post.

No, I wouldn't say. Just in the photo zone only wanted to be photographed by girls. And in fact, by the evening, a lot of men had gathered there, but very few of them were dancing, talking more and drinking cocteils.

Tell your mom to visit my last post. <
Okey, I'll tell her