BitTube vs DTube (Can You Earn Any Money On Either Platform In 2019?)

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The past couple years have given rise to more crypto related social media platforms and two of the working video platforms at this time are DTube which is built on the STEEM Blockchain and BitTube which mainly stores everything in a centralized database but uses IPFS for decentralized file storage and utilizing a clone of Monero for the underlying currency. BitTube seems to be at a point right now where no one is really earning anything at all and I have my questions about that mechanism. They want to make it so you can earn crypto by just surfing around the web and watching YouTube videos or playing around on Facebook. That to me doesn't make a whole lot of sense and it seems like investors into the currency could get screwed by that system. Over on DTube there is more money being earned even with the price of STEEM in the dumps. You can have higher resolution content hosted over on BitTube in relation to Overall with all the issues with DTube and STEEM it seems that it would be more worth your time to upload on DTube

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I never gotten my dtube votes until my 11th months trying 😂 Don't worry about it, I already gave up chasing after full time Steem. It's a social media platform, I come to have fun and hit the upvote button for friends. Lemme smash that follow button(I thought I did it months ago🤔)

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That is a long time for sure. I got a couple upvotes but this video was the first one I decided to upload to DTube in a long time and I probably won't get the upvote because I'm not being 100% positive about DTube.... etc.

There have been a few times that STEEM has provided me with "full time" type income. Hopefully those days will come on this platform or a future one.

It's really nice review, glad you think that @dtube is still better option. I think the price of steem will go up anyway when bitcoin rise a bit. Everything is related to bitcoin.


For creators it certainly still seems like the better option. The BitTube situation is in a way confusing at this point for sure. It is like there is hardly any earning or real engagement it seems.

I remember hearing the Hodgetwins wanting to go onto BitTube instead of DTube because of the bugs. To be honest, the interface on BitTube looks way better than DTube. That is one thing about DTube that is really lacking: a proper interface.

You can still upload source quality content on DTube. It just may be that for kawaiicrush, she chose to only upload 480p. If you look at my videos, there is still an option to view at source quality.

The price of Steem dropped a lot from ATH but I think a lot of it was due to whales that got this coin for peanuts dumping it. As new buyers buy into Steem, they obviously want to sell it more than what they paid which should increase threshold. The whales, bidbots and others that got it for nothing don't really care as much and have the power to dump the shit out of the coin. Other coins that work on proof of work will preserve their price better because the miners have to invest more energy costs to stay profitable. Steem was only PoW when mining it was super easy. The distribution has definitely improved, check out @taskmaster4450's post:

The distribution looked awful in Dec 2017. Now it looks much less awful lol. Whales like hendrikdegrote are powering down. Well see if that helps the distribution.

With the price of Steem being so low, DTube upvotes aren't much these days. Making videos besides talking heads will drastically improve your chances of getting upvoted as well as being consistent. Lots of people come here to game to system by uploading old YouTube videos, copying other videos or just recording shitty talking head videos. I started getting consistent upvotes when I became serious about DTube. And sometimes it stung a lot when I worked on the videos for hours and it gets skipped over.

Good video.


Hopefully things will improve but honestly I don't have high hopes for it. Now that I'm upside down on this investment despite powering a decent amount up recently I can honestly say that I don't like to be on the platform for the most part and there certainly is a feeling that the smart thing for me to do is mainly hog my own vote every day until I can extract enough to get back even and get out of here and head for higher ground.

Personally I get the feeling that there is so little engagement here and most of the hope has been lost.

I wish I had millions of dollars of investment to launch my vision of what one of these platforms could be but unfortunately I don't have that kind of capital and my pitches haven't received funding....etc.

The best thing that could happen for STEEM is for a legit group of witnesses to ban together to overtake the top 20 spots and then pool their money to launch another website that would combine the features of DTube, Steemit, and Busy all in one coherent platform.....etc.

But none of that is going to happen.

While Dtube and Steemit, continue to reward me with Steem, I'll keep posting videos here, because I've seen for myself that it's safer and it's not scam.


Yeah it certainly seems to be the better option. I'm still going to keep my eye on BitTube and hope they can fix some of the issues and get it in a spot where it makes more sense to be over there. If nothing else it sort of puts my content out over there to cast a larger net for people to see my stuff I guess.


Of course it is very true, if I also had more exposure I would love it a lot. I get it.

And I hope that the problems with Bittube can be solved soon bro, have a good day.

Thanks for the heads up on Bittube, Phobos. I think I will stick with Dtube as you're exactly right :)


I would like to post and earn everywhere but I don't want to post and not earn. Hahhaha