2 Minutes with the Farmer: Ups and Downs of the Cattle Market!!!

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Today on 2 Minutes with the Farmer we are talking the Cattle Market. As a full time cattle farmer the cattle market is very important to me and my family. It doesn’t always seem far to see the price I get for my calves going down while the price at the grocery store is going up. Let’s talk about that today.

Thank you for spending 2 minutes with me!


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I am commenting here, because my comments do not seem to appear of DTube.

The cattle business is very interesting. It does seem silly that "future" prices affect the price for your cattle today.

It is WRONG that someone else is making the buttload of money. You are the prime producer. The gains should go to you. Not someone who adds
"no value."

I could not agree more with you! Thanks for the comment

One of my first jobs ever was as a rancher and butcher on my grandpa's farm. It was a good job. Now that I considering another business, this idea of raising and selling cattle keeps coming back to mind. I am seriously considering it. I am in a much more different market though.

Raising cattle is a great job. Where are you from?

I am from Roatan, Honduras. One of the Bay Islands of Honduras.
But the cattle is maintained on the mainland of Honduras (cheaper costs).
We historically have raised all grass-fed brahmas and pardos, a couple of other breeds too, but they have to stand the heat well.

That is neat. We just started trying South Poll Cattle. They do well in the heat. But I am sure you guys have a lot more heat than us

If you lived in europe i would Buy your meat in bitcoin \o/

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That would be awesome;)

It was a rough day across the board yesterday in the ag commodities.
We are planning to sell direct will have to see how that goes.

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I am sure you will do great. You have really good looking cattle

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Wow! A drop by $4+? In the grain market, I’m used to hearing my husband say the market went up or down by the cents! Right now, they aren’t doing great either.
We get our beef right from a local farmer here in MN. So much better than the grocery store. And we get all sorts of cuts:ground, steaks, etc. The average price per pound for all of it is $4 something. Great deal for quality meat.
I know those middlemen can make things more convenient for everyone, but convenience comes with a price tag sadly.

You are so right about the middle man. Were you guys able to get all your crops in the ground this year?

We were! But it was a dry summer, so the wheat didn't meet it's full potential. The other crops look like they will do well though.

Howdy sir farmer! hey that was almost 4 minutes. lol..but that was a great little primer for those unfamiliar with how the ag markets work, well done!

Thank you. Sorry it was so long. Just got on my soap box;)

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lol! No, it was great to explain things to people, I think that was very important. It didn't feel long either, at least not to me.