Does slow and steady STILL win the race? Leave your opinions!

in dtube •  17 days ago

Hey @dtube world!!!
Now, I have a weird way of thinking, okay? so help me out and leave your opinions on what I have been pondering for some time.

Also, I will be posting a blog about the "race", so looking forward to that.

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Hey @blind-spot, that's really a cool video! Thank you for asking this question and sharing your thoughts on it. In my view, this question is very tricky. It depends on the situation. For example, I think at the moment the slow and steady cryptocurrency investor wins. I mean that it is better not to hurry up and to invest each and every month equal amounts of fiat money into cryptocurrencies. And do it steadily fir the next few years. In a ling haul such kind of investment will bring you millions.


You are absolutely spot on @cryptospa You are giving a correct example. I also think modern technology made us fast. no way. but it is equally important sometimes to show some patience to achieve the goal. So I go for both according to requirement. I think that's the correct way to go ahead. Your thoughts & video making is too good. waiting for your upcoming vlog @blind-spot


Yes @cryptospa you have made a very valid point! HODLing always is the smarter idea if you have a good clue about what you are doing and believe in the currency!
and I think in a way, people who havent yet invested in any sort of crypto already, and still stuck with fiat are slow and losing...maybe it makes sense

Well at the end it depends, whether you’re running a 200 meter or a marathon 😁

Btw, I found you through The Ramble on discord. Good going 💯


I find so many people and so many awesome posts through them <3

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That's a good question. I guess that's true, sometimes. But unfortunately, many people today are pressured to deliver results as fast as possible. And while they get to the finish line faster, it's usually at the expense of a few errors.


Yes. Very true!
Such people are usualy replaced with those who can do it fast with fewer errors, am i right?


No, on the contrary, they are the majority of the workers! 😂

You need to be excruciatingly slow and very dumb to be replaced nowadays.

The story of the hare and the tortoise... Slow and Steady wins the race
I have always seen it more as perseverance which you did mention too
At the end of the day, what we can really do is "Our" best and keep going.
I believe in enjoying the journey, and when you learn to do that you have won the race... the race within yourself
Isn't that what truly matters
Will look out for your thoughts in the next video :D


Well said. Very well said.

Yes, it just is "our" race. We need to be focused on that. Personal development brings fruition to our goals.

Actually, I think I must have mixed it up. I put my thoughts about the "race" as a blog and not a video. Silly me!

Well I just like to think of life moment by moment as not as a race at all.. the minute it feels like a race is the minute the fun feels sucked out.. but yes if I had to choose fast or slow.. slow so it can be enjoyed.. nothing should ever be rushed or hurried.. :D

ps Head Nurse was here for G.Q. :D


I think the phrase should have been, F the race and enjoy life. RIght? :D

Thank you nursey nurse!!