The Road To Steemfest - Catching Up

in dtube •  2 months ago  (edited)

So this week's task for TheRoadToSteemfest by @anomadsoul was to talk about "catching up" with all the previous post. Since i didn't do all of the task, I'm just going thru it as much as I can.

Well .. I've discussed most of it in my 5 mins video and hopefully that would sum up my entire trip to get to Steemfest ! Thanks to @anomadsoul in making these task to support all those who would be going to Steemfest in Bangkok. Its just NEXT WEEK !!!! Its going to be an exciting week for sure.

Here is my 3 truths and 1 lie video as I have mentioned in my video above..

Appart from that !! I'm just as excited to see everyone who would be attending the First Steemfest in Asia !!! Its going to be a blast !

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awsome video sir. thanks for sharing your updated information regarding cryptocurrency.

you'll be fine. you'll love it. it will be awesome as per usual. get plenty of water down you! :)