Dtube Content Update - Lady Steem is Making a Come Back!

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Hey guys!

So I had a great relaxing day with my sis, and we found some amazing thrift store treasures! I love me some half price Goodwill day! I had made a blog post about it, but after thinking about the discord discussion the other day, I decided to do a quick post about what my future role on dtube is going to look like instead.

I have been torn between two different types of projects that I want to work on and think can help bolster dtube's visibility. Of course we have done well in terms of viral-ness, with our musical videos through our non-profit, but I also liked the idea of still maintaining my Lady Steem character and talking to people at large events. I think this is a two fold benefit to this platform because not only will a great video come out of it, but possible recognition at said events of Steemit and dtube combined! How cool would that be!?!

I also want to still continue to make music projects though, so I have decided, why not do both? So that's what I am going to do. Music projects through my non profit and awesome Lady Steem content through my personal account! I am super excited about this, and I hope you are too!

Stay tuned for awesomeness!! :)


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Hey Beth, welcome back.
I am also planning to start making videos on Dtube like vlogs or something else but I feel like I don't have anything to show in my life or I can't be entertaining. So what would you advise on that?

goods news for each of her fan

great article

The more content the better.

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