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RE: 🔴 Last night with @daveonarrival

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That be cool girl
Got your camera man drunk and a lap dance. WTF 🌷🌷🌷

That thing in the street where he cracked an egg on it
That shit looked good
What was that ???

Great Clip
Super Cool girl

Good job Kevin
He drinks that beer like real man

Not no sissy boy vegan type!!!

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Hahhaha lolol I actually got one for him and they were grinding and touching. Fun to see! The thing with eggs called Roti and you can choose whatever to put on as topping. Yumilicious! Indian style ! but when I went to India I didn't see any of those there lol now I say the same what you said 'WTF' prolly it's Thai indian style lolol

Thanks for watching as always. The vlog's almost dead without you Ward. You saved its life and it says 'Thanks to you!' :D hahaha now you think again, 'WTF'

:D 🌷🌷🌷

I ain't going no where Mo

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