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Today I learned this news: American experts have found in the experiment that art improves the efficiency of students in science.

The experiment involved 350 pupils from 6 schools in Baltimore.
In the list of obligatory lessons to children added dancing, painting or reading rap.
As a result, during the experiment, children increased efficiency in astronomy, physics and chemistry.

After reading this news, I remembered that I had read for a long time: classical music improves mathematical abilities. It is desirable to listen to classical music, even better – to learn to play musical instruments.

It also occurred to me that the protagonist of Hesse's wonderful book " The Glass Bead Game" (one of my favorite books) was good at music and mathematics.

So I'm sure art really helps us understand science better. Although at first glance, these areas seem unrelated.
But in order to come to you scientific insights, you need intelligence and the ability to think abstractly.
Art also requires the ability to think abstractly, because movement in dance, sounds in music, words in a poem and lines in a drawing are a metaphor for reality. Art requires an artistic rethinking of reality.

Art helps in science – how do you like this news?
What is closer to you – art or science?

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@behelen, another great pick. Look, Art is top, Science as well. To be honest the easy way "the easy way", you do it, and everybody likes it, is the best of perseption. You did is as professional as you are, keep in mind people here are to become the best professionals.


Thanks for the good comment, @yanipetkov!
I'm glad your friend got my point right away)!

@behelen, interesting information. I have never thought about it.

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What do you prefer - art or science?


50:50 :)

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