Creative show#1💗Dance to the music by Yevgeny Doga💃🏼#110video

in dtube •  17 days ago

Dance to the music from the movie "My tender beast" by Yevgeny Doga.
This beautiful music touches me to the depths of my soul.
When it sounds, sometimes I even cry, although the film, in which it was, I even not watched.

I've already made videos with my dancing and singing. Now I've decided it should be a special edition.
Let them be called “Creative shows”!
Be creative! Stay with me!

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Прекрасная музыка...

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Greetings, beautiful and dear Elena

I miss you. What is the name of this type of music ?? Your performance in it is very beautiful. In minute 2.44, you looked beautiful in the pose. That would be an excellent miniature.

Thank you for sharing with us!!

Good afternoon!


Thank you! Don't miss - dance with me)!
This music is a waltz from a movie.

Good day, @julisavio!

Nice one behelen , Love the grace , attitude and the feelings ..


Yes, thanks for the nice comment, @mjtravel!

красивый танец ! I used a translator :D

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Thank you, @emsonic!

Nice combination of Music & Dance !! Liked it very much, the music was indeed intense !!


Thank you, @rehan12!
This is one of my favorite music.


Have saved the music seems like it will give some nice accompany for some time for me :)
have a great day ahead !!


Good idea!
Have a nice day!

@behelen, You dance and these music deeply touched my soul. This music absolutely feel mind with high emotions. You always made creative once and I stay with you for see more further.


Yes, this music gets to the very soul!
Thank you, @madushanka!

A nice dance! Have a good day!