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Welcome Guys!

I think that many of you are here, because you wanna earn good reward. It's hard to give big upvotes to content creators so often, so if you wanna be good and support too content creators, you should join dtube curation trail.
Don't worry you will be not discharged from your power vote if you will give the same % votes like dtube or just smaller votes. If you set up scaling vote on steem auto you will give the upvote after the dtube and you will throw the vote, which will be a part of dtube vote. Seems good? it's really easy to do that.
Ok, but how do that Atnazo? I wanna spread some ❤ on this platform

  • First of all you need to visit site:
  • Second you need to connect your account to steemauto via steemconnect
  • In dashboard set the vote power limit - i recommend 90%, so you will never go below 90% vote power, because the auto votes will be stopped automatically
  • Ok you secured your limit, now is the time to click button "curation trial" and set the status for "enabled"
  • Now is the time to join dtube curation trial. To do that you need search dtube account, just type dtube
  • click follow button, now is like 19 people in this trial, but there are some inactive users
  • Now you must set the type of vote for scaling, so your vote is calculated with dtube vote. E.G. if you set 50% and dtube will give someone 20% upvote, you will automatically after dtube vote give 10%. Your vote just scaling with dtube vote. I don't recommend use small % value, because when dtube give 5% and you set like 5% scaling vote your vote can be to small to be sent, becuase is only 5% of 5%, which is only 0,25%
    That's all trail should work with your vote, but remember to don't use your power vote so often, because you will be below your set limit and you will not vote for the dtube content creators.
    I hope guys that video help you set up this auto vote and someone will follow this trial too. Think about the community, if everyone will drop scaling vote like 20%, which is really not that much, we all will be rich after getting vote from dtube and of course trial :) Maybe it's only imagination, but i belive that in the future all of you will get good rewarded on this platfrom.
    So thanks for watching and i wish you biger rewards from the dtube curation trial!

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