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With the rollout of Google's Android 9.0 pie update, we see what Samsung Galaxy owners know, and what we think we know about company plans.

At the beginning of this year, Google pushed the Android P developer preview to Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users before the official release of this fall.

On Google I / O, the company confirmed the inclination of new details, including the batch of new tools suitable to try Android P beta.

In the beginning we thought that Android P update will arrive at the end of August, but Beta Testers will be surprised with Google's official release and official name.

Android P is officially called Android 9.0 Pie and it is now available for devices like pixel devices (pixel, pixel xl, pixel 2, pixel 2 xl) and essential phones.


Android Pie is an exciting update, but Samsung Galaxy users will be launching their first Android 9.0 update a few weeks ago. For now, the company has focused on bringing Android Oreo on its Galaxy phones and tablets.

If it sticks on this protocol, then here are the devices that will take the Android pipe from around Android Oreo:

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 +

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 +

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung Galaxy Tab A10.5 (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A8 + (2018)

Note support like iPhone X The phone screen is getting bigger and bigger and the bezel is getting slim and slim, smartphone makers no longer have space for the camera, and earpiece> if you like it or not, then Google for developers in Android P Notes are supported so that it can check how their app will behave on devices with footprint.


Ultimately Google introduced a multi-camera API that enables developers to make "not possible with only one camera". Plus, this feature allows each app to request a multi-camera instead of a single camera.


In the Android nugget, Google introduced a dose mode that enables more battery backup when your phone is not in use. With Android P, Google has worked hard to bring more advanced dodge mode with standby and background boundaries to improve battery life.


Automatically fill one of the best features that will save all your username and password. Google launches this feature in Android Oreo and now he has improved it with Android P.

See Samsung's Infographic of Samsung Experience 9.0 FEATURES that come with Oreo

Samsung Experience 9.0 Infographic

If you were part of the beta program, you would probably show Samsung's official Infographic SE 9.0 features in Samsung's app's app. Infographics include those features that we have covered on the site, but also talk about some other people, such as the option to change the color of the screen to reduce the tone of the eyes. The official OREO update can come any day, and when we are waiting for D-Day, we thought we would keep infographic for those who could not participate in the beta.

It's a great infographic (using Samsung's awesome scroll capture feature), so make sure you allow the image to load completely for a few seconds. Once you have checked the infographic, look for some tips to make your S8 or S8 + for OREO updates.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo provides the biggest problem with roll-out Android


Galaxy S9 owners are unlikely to see profits for a short while (Android 8 will not launch until the Google IO developer conference on May 8), which can result in very fast updates in the future.

Google's Android One initiative is another game for California technology company to combat fragmentation in its ecosystem.

The Android One smartphone is guaranteed to receive at least two years of operating system upgrade in the latest version of Android.

Google says that "it means access to the latest innovations and a phone that always runs smoothly as the day you buy."

The American company also claims that Android One phones are the safest, because they get regular security software updates and are built in Google Play Protect.

Nokia recently announced a new flagship smartphone, including two new curved Nokia 8 Sirocco, which is included in the Android One scheme.

Thank you guys for reading our post if you guys want this tech news in future then please comment us thank you.


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