💚You Are Mining STEEM With Your Mind! But Are You Mining From The Heart?💚

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This vlog was inspired by @stellabelle's post from 5 months ago called Did You Know You Are Mining STEEM With Your Mind?

Theoretically, the more active you are on here and the more lives you touch, the more $steem and influence you will have.
It doesn't always happen like that but you get my gist

But I want to take it a step further.

In my opinion, the people with the most influence on Steemit are the one who are

mining with the heart!


The ones who are writing/vlogging/or whatever they may do, completely from the heart.
Their authentic self is poured out into each piece they make.
And it's not about making money.
They are doing it because they enjoy it and love is infused into all of it.

These people are doing their thang in their own way.

They have found their place in Steemiespace.

And they are doing it well!


So it boils down to this :

How are you mining your $steem?

Are you on here posting things because you desperately need that $steem?

Or are you mining from the heart? Creating value and giving back to the community?

Let's talk about it!

This also relates back to a post I just wrote called :

🙌The Joy Of Giving Unconditionally🙌

which you can read here :

Here's to mining with the heart!

BIG love,


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My LoveProject is @humansofsteemit! Featuring the humans behind the Steemit usernames!

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This is deep! I just did a post on building reputation - not worrying about pleasing others, but acting with integrity and your own personal weirdness! This is was really helps a reputation - when people sense there is a mission there beyond trying to people-please. Another way of saying "act from the heart"! Thank you.

I knew you and I think and vibe along the same lines


You are bang on point Ashley. Steeming with your heart is so important to create a strong impact on those around you and I think even if you positively influence one person, it counts a lot.


The word mining implies the search for something precious, something irreplaceable and not to be found in any other way. The mind never truly understands what is precious, other than what it has been taught. The herat always knows. Brilliantly written Ashley. I'm happy you show up in my feed! ;)

Thank you for reminding me what the word mining means.
It brings even deeper recognition to what this is ALL about!

You are very welcome! Nice to meet you.

Mining from the heart — I totally love that. I think there’s so much to be said for how welcoming everyone is here on Steemit and the opportunity this site presents to be yourself. It’s something I don’t think I’ve ever been to a social network early enough to see. Even if there wasn’t a monetary incentive, there’s so many interesting things to do and read about and it’s so easy to find people you genuinely connect with. :) so cool! Thanks for sharing.


yep yep. but what if we are not just powering through by going deeper into the mine but we are processing the mined minerals of details, the sentiment between each other, maybe we and the blockchain are the sifting process instead, like looking for pieces of gold, like panning the social chemistry between us. either way, yes. the answer is yes.



I got very enthusiastic by your comment!

LOL! glad i could help :)

All of my work is help other lose weight naturally like I did. I am very passionate about my goal and have been at it for 8 years now.

Steemit sidetracks me but I'm hanging on to the Alexa ranking for dear life. All of my posts here have links to my other sites and traffic and sales are up everywhere. I am so glad I stumbled in here last June. The Alexa ranking at the time was in the 4000's and now it is less than 500. And I am making money with my work. I could not be happier.


Mining from the heart, what a phrase simply put people first, offer real value and watch you seem power and influnce grow...not only beacuse you are active but because you contribute value to lives. This so wonderful ma.


I love this idea and indeed found there are two kinds of individuals here who are either mining with the mind because they treat it as a business and nothing wrong with that because Steemit needs investors as well but those that make the most impact are those that mine Steemit with their hearts.

They make lasting connections and not just have followers but engagers. You see their posts have all manner of comments and the poster responds and build a relationship. I have several people that I come back everyday to their posts especially if I miss them because of time difference, my feed is cluttered or I am just genuinely curious what they are up to.

Creating authentic human connections. My posts don't always do well but the number of engagement I have and by inspiring another person is such a gratifying feeling.

Always a pleasure reading your thoughts.


You know what @maverickinvictus, you are doing really really well on here.

Because you show up and you are yourself!

Such a massive joy to have around!

Thank you so much! That really made me smile :)

I post what I enjoy, any financial gain is merely a bonus - so I can relate completely to the perspective of 'mining from the heart'. :)

Well there ya go!

Joy just from writing right?

I am sincerely minning steemit from my heart because I love steemit to my bones. Steemit keeps me busy and occupied and at the same time bringing cool cash to me. I upvote.

Great idea Ashley! It is a gradual scale from ppl who are completely in their heart to ones who are totally in their mind. It’s great to make some money here, but the question is if that which people buy or sell is really True Value.

I have recently created a coin of Love and Appreciation to explore True Value, you can find more about it here:


Love and Light

100% vote and a follow.
You are absolutely correct. I need a camera to take with me everywhere I go.

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How beautiful: mining with your heart <3
I think that like everywhere else in life, the most important thing is to be honest and to be yourself. Trying ot be something that you aren't often fails in the end. I also think that a genuin interest in other people is one way to look at the meaning of mining with your heart. Like you are my friend!

what a nice way to see what we're doing here - mining with our minds and hearts!

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What a nice way to say it ”mining With your heart” beautiful frase that says a lot ❤️

Folks can easily smell a fake.

Gotta be authentic to who we really are.

Only way.

small heart round.jpg


I completely agree and while I post 'from the heart'....it's a bit like swimming upstream because of the natural emphasis here IS currency, coin, 'money' and that is GOOD, but the little peeps (and that is OK) like me, well, we tend to remain invisible. I appreciate that you 'get it'...that is matters that we include the authentic voice RIGHT alongside the crypto....Let's make crypto the flow of the HEART first.....the rest will follow, as that is what TRUE abundance is. Thanks for having a listen to my perspective.

That makes me think of Maslow's hierarchy of needs :)
The community here gives the great opportunity to try out a bunch of different things and getting almost instant feedback.
I'm still figuring out who I am and I enjoy this a lot in a perspective of a self development game.

very good reflexion point ... i am totally agree ...
and it is for everythings ...

we can start to breathe from the heart


Words of wisdom! The world needs more passion more depth, more heart. Thank you for this video!