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The city of Riga.
Aerials - Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom
Ground - Osmo Pocket

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Seamless sound and visual. Well done m8!

Slick film. Pulling out all the stops on that one. Nice! Have a !BEER

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This is absolutely stunning 😍 Amazing work!

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great videography skills man! keep it up!

Looks good. The quality of work is great, some visuals are outstanding. But I have one querry though. Did you made it just like to get expert in the work or any special purpose.

whatever it may be the video is short, clear and worth to have a look an it. Normally I wont Watch videos but as a steem member we should appreciate the creativity of others. So I opened it and found good. And you were ably rewarded through Curie Curation. Cheers.

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This is one of the most amazingly cinematic and appealing promos of any city I have ever seen.
Just perfect.
You ask the average Venezuelan what Riga is and they'll probably tell you (if over 40) that it is the name of some American president. If you tell them it is in Latvia, they'll say me dejaste en las mismas (I'm just as lost).

We can't blame them. We don't get many news about that part of the world over here and we lost interest in geography many decades ago.
Most ex-soviet annexations became clouded in our minds as just regions or states related to Russia somehow. It was never clear to us how independent they were or how different from the czarist empire we associate with the romantic and realist literature or with the cold war secretive and repressive nation.

What I see in this video is a gorgeous city. I can't find words to describe how masterfully this video has been shot. A great promo. if I had the money, and if Latvia does not require too many docs from us, I'd move there! :)

Seriously you put a lot of effort, i see the dedication and patience that you had to have to make that great recording! Congratulations♡

Astounding work mate 🔥

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What a great short movie! The beginning makes me think of Harry Potter :) It's magical and mysterious.

I've ever been to Riga and I didn't know that it was such a nice city. There are some true gems to see.

The music that you chose is perfect for this video. I like it especially at the end with that glass/mirrors (whatever it is).

Well done! Congratulations on your curie vote!

Beautiful city, cool movie. But with all the shots from the ground upwards, I felt like I was straining my neck.

Congratulations @art.visuals!
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