Illegal to Cure

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What if there are cures for every disease? What if those cures are already known but are being suppressed? That's exactly what's happening because it's illegal to cure in this country. Unless it's FDA approved, nothing can be said to treat, prevent, or cure disease. Even if it does! It's an expensive process to get something FDA approved. Because natural things can't be patented, they aren't profitable. And since they aren't profitable, no one is going to spend the billions of dollars it takes to produce an FDA approved drug. Therefore, the people who know that natural health is the best medicine aren't allowed to say that any of their forms of alternative medicine cure anything. This essentially creates a monopoly with the drug companies that have billions of dollars to invest. Then, these pharmaceutical giants make huge profit margins. Even higher profit margins than most street drug dealers.

Anyone making claims of cures that aren't FDA approved can be severely punished in the court of law. Some natural health practitioners have moved their clinics just over the border to Mexico. There are lots of alternative cancer clinics and health centers in Tijuana alone. Many Americans go there to get treatments they can't get here in the so-called "land of the free."

People like Dr. Burzynski are attacked for using alternative treatments. The FDA has been trying for decades to shut him down by doing things like raiding his clinic and fighting with him for many years in court. Luckily, Burzynski wins every time! The FDA even attacks walnut producers for mentioning that studies have shown walnuts to be good for your health.

Wellness centers have to be careful about how they word their business. Often times when people talk about curing disease they have to use words like "reverse" the disease or "heal" because those aren't regulated terms. Using words like "cure" and a specific disease can get you in big trouble.

Oriental medical doctors simply use a different medical system that consists of entirely different words for naming the diagnosis. So they're not treating cancer, per se. Health conscious people focus on nourishing the body so the body can fight off the disease. In that way, they're not treating cancer either. Instead, they're advocating health. And if the disease just happens to go away, that's great! When it does, conventional doctors usually postulate it couldn't have had anything to do with the alternative treatment.

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