SPUD8 is coming tommorow and my Participation after Dolphin level

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Hi Friends

Happy weekend to you.

I am back with another video and in this video I have talked about Steem power up day. SPUD 8 is coming tomorrow and I confirm my participation through this post. I have been part of this great event since the beginning and always powered on this day. I even have been holding my power ups so that I can do with some bigger amount on this day.

Please watch the video and I request you to participate and do the action with any amount that you find okay with. It's a day when many Steemians come together and perform same action.

This event is organised by @streetstyle and @xpilar

There are some rewards as well if you're eligible and please refer below post for the details shared by @streetstyle

Post for details

If you have any question about it please ask in comments and I will reply at the earliest possible.

Thank you so much.

NewSteem on!

Happy D.tubing

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Thanks for the support. Appreciate it

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You're very welcome. You deserve all the best. ☺

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Thanks much for the support.

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