DTUBE - Tube Park Whistler - Here's WHY It's GREAT For The Family

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Hey Everybody and @dtube,

In today's video we go to the Tube Park in Whistler. As this is our first time in Whistler, we had to search for the entrance, but that was certainly part of the fun.

The Coca Cola Tube Park was such a great afternoon for the family with different level of dips and fun. The green was great for our 3 year old, and the Black great for our Teenagers and your's truely.

If you ever get to Whistler or Blackcomb, I would highly recommend a visit. Set aside a couple of hours and challenge yourself to do all 7 before your hour is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you in the next Adventure.

Thanks for watching.

The Adventurous Soul
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It's really nice and you can see it's for family enjoyment, very good recommendation and if ever I pass through your city, I know where to go :)