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RE: Steemy Vlog 03: DLive Beta, Disney buys FOX, SmartSteem and Steem/SBD on the Rise

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I wonder when we'll hear news of a multi-billion dollar offer for Steemit Inc? That 70 million SP sitting in the official Steemit account will surely grab someone's attention sooner or later...


Yeah, I agree. Nobody wants to buy Steemit but people will rather create their own platforms better than Steemit. And besides Steemit is open source. Do you want to fork it? You can have your own copy in 5 minutes.

That's true, but the network effect, brand and first mover advantage cannot be overestimated. That's the only reason Bitcoin has the value it has now. The brand is just so strong.

There is such an incredible ecosystem being built around the Steem blockchain now, Steemit, dTube, dLive, Utopian-io and many more coming I'm sure. Those are going to be household names, and you can't copy their brand value just like that.

I think none of these platforms will be the true power house of the Steem blockchain. The true biggy is yet to come. I agree that usually the early names have an advantage but we will still have to see what gets real interest. I really don't think it will be Steemit because nobody wants to blog. I have never met a person in my friends and family who has heard about Reddit before just for comparison. NEVER!

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