#BeautifulSunday Garden Rhapsody 20190810 Edition | 主题灯光秀(Garden Rhapsody)20190810版 (by @ace108)

in dtube •  2 months ago  (edited)

Just back from Gardens by the Bay. The National Day concert was crowded. So, I decided to walk away to see the light show.
刚从滨海湾花园回来。国庆日音乐会很多人。 所以,我决定走开去看灯光表演。

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Thanks for visiting

Wow, nice garden rhapsody photography and light decor is really colorful in my eyes.

This show happens twice a night and they change the music once a while so it's not the same after a while.
Thanks for coming by.



Wow...so beautiful and colorful there things i love to see :)

Come visit. This is one of the must see if you are here.

I most probably will take some time of work if my boss allows me to i would love to catch up with some Steem friends :)