Exploring Perceptions | Triptocast Podcast Episode #5

in dtube-podcast •  5 months ago

Perceptions are integral to our lives. Everything we see is under the guise of the perception that you've cultivated through years and years of built up experiences, memories and habits.

All the years leading up to today have caused you to be who you are in this very moment. Anything that happens to you from this moment on will continually evolve and alter your perception of this world and your experiences to follow.

What's even more interesting is how you can glance into someone else's perspective. You can walk in someone else's shoes and see the world the way that they see it.

You can do this by reading, traveling or even having a proper conversation with someone where you really care about the stories they tell and how they tell them.

That's why traveling the world is so interesting to me. Yes, it's expensive to travel, but the experiences you gain and the insights you'll glean from looking into someone else's perspective are immensely more valuable than currency.

Where do you want to travel?

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I too really wanna travel the world but you know the money problem. But will do hardships and fulfill my dream.

I don't know exactly about where I want to travel but for you I have one great place and that is Nepal.
I will soon write a post telling about the best places to travel in Nepal. So hope you will travel in this naturally beautiful country.

well done my dear friend, very nice.