Soan Shinobi- Breaking Heights

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Dear Steemians

This is a Soundtrack for a video I am working on. The DPC Jam (#jahm) 2019, which happened in Zurich Switzerland and during the same period along with Groove Session in Neuchatel, were two Breaking Dance Battles that had some world record breaking performances. People came from all over the world to dance in Switzerland at at two international competitions. I am still sorting footage from that time when I was hosting two dancers representing India and following them with my cameras, of which one also broke. Wanted to create a track for the titles at the beginning and end. I dragged some old Japanese modules from my attic to make this one. It's 100% original and composed, except for the drums. Lately I have been having this nu skool / nu funk with retro influence sort of craving. As I haven't used one of the synths much, this might sound experimental. When it comes to funk, i'm still stuck in the 70s James Brown and the 80s electric funk era(one way, gap band but also cybotron). Depending on what kind of music genre, I use samplers, synths but strictly avoid software instruments by sticking to external hardware modules. Surely a fan of live acoustic instruments or mic'ing real drums, guitars, saxophones, contrabass... If you would like to hear my other original music, I have one dtube video and another 3speak video I would also like to thank the #naturalmedicine group for the wonderful abundance meditation last month and @d-vine for her amazing 'one life celebration' event. #hive-193816

I shall be back with more frequent posts.
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What you are doing sounds pretty exciting and so does this music. This is very much my kind of style. It just oozes nostalgia! Love it :>)

Thanks a lot buddy. Your comment means a lot to me, as i was thinking you might like that synth. That synth even has a vocoder. It sort of reminds me of these retro style sci fi horror movies with the sounds on there.

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I already listened to it thrice. A shame I can't download it. Make sure you backup this stuff as DSound tends to delete tracks.

Yeah, it very much sounds like 70s/ 80 soundtracks, very much my style!
I had to look up what a vocoder is, it sounds awesome!

Vocoder was much cooler back in the days. You had to actually sing the tunes and hit them to make a vocoder sound good. Auto Tune, which is popular now days auto corrects people that can't sing and it gives them the robot sounding voice(awful). A vocoder sounds beautiful to me when someone can play and sing it. Soundwave's voice from transformers G1 is made with a vocoder. 80s :)

Awesome! I had to look up a clip of Soundwave to hear what you meant.

I pretty much missed out on all this stuff as a kid - only saw it occasionally at friend's places - as we only had cable TV at home, when I was 12 ( in 1993 ). The same goes for consoles ( gaming ). We just had a PC. I never even owned a Game Boy.

It's almost a trauma and probably one of the reasons why I'm not into superhero movies. I love these kind of 1980s cartoons though and I find old games fascinating, I just don't know all the classics as well as most people from our generation do.

Yay!! Happy to hear ya back to making music! <3