Second Womb ~ Tombs /// Live from the Cave Volume 016

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Peace World,

Another day another classic, this one picks up where Volume 015 left off. Lyrical exercise along side of @fatherearth , this is one of those records where we just talking shit. Keep a whack rapper far away from these parts!

Appreciate Your attention in advance. Remain above!


Dropping Eps every month
Earth and Dookie I know you want
More in store
On a tour
State to state fool
We own the globe
Here to reboot the overload
Coast to coast womb is on its own
Flow resembles every ocean know
My speech is concrete
Word is born
I boarder Bron and micheal Jordan forms
We draw the line we are the corner stones
I ain't for the fame
In a form of God
Fornicating with a foreign broad
I storm the pavement with an iron rod
Then I pounce on frauds with a tiger claw
You drew a straw came up short
Rain upon and reframe ya form
You are anal ointment
You ain't involve
You aim in awe
lame applauds
Sustain my bars
She stain her drawls
If war is art I am genghis Khan
We paint the walls
We have made our mark
You was made a mark
I own the lot
You pay to park
Check ya natal chart
Its a fatal shot
Only aim at hearts
If I laid the law
I would aid them all
Cole is cold he is king of kong
I be the beat beast you've waited on
kaoken trained me for eons
Hyperbolic chambers you rank peon
Kakorat son
Back up off em
Bars packing punches they captain falcon
You lack an ounce of
Stack allowance
With the grace of God
Year of 89
Sub zero flow with a raiden vI be
Sonya son nigga the oldest one
You come at Boo I owe you one
Throw these hands I dont own no guns
My cousins strapped like a Velcro matt
Been to jail and back
And I am well intact
I've made mistakes
And learned from that
Had to close my circle I smelled a rat
I ain't one to front
So if you got my back
We side by side like scoob and shag
that nigga bitching tell him check his coochie
If you call that rap then you rep it loosely
I'm spitting venom won't you fetch a lugie
You blowing is boog I.e a loosey
I tour the planet I spread the Dookie
You tore ya hammie impressing groupies
A clown for sure
I found a door
It was underground
Where the sound absorbs
for my hip hopper and the boom bappers
Push culture never move it backwards
If we ranking rapper I'm top whatever
We forming diamonds you pop in pressure

Father Earth

on the move like a rail car
when the train stops we plane hop
if the plane drops pull the chute
grace the ground like a raindrop
ancient presence in your vision feels insane huh
you’re hips severed i never had to scotch hops
double scotch on the rocks
big house on the cliffs
some villa shit, red button under thumb
some villain shit Second Womb with the illest wit
come feel this shit like cheese grate to face
Gambino mission
cuz the greats are here for reasons
of cheese seasons like an italian kitchen
your whole styles missing
an original integration
failed attempts at mainline assimilation
ride the fine line of instigation instafamous,
murder weapon found but the prints had faded
like an insta filter you are simple cadence
I’m sophisticated
as far as fisticuffs man
don’t make me lose my patience
believe im a ruthless agent
with unscrupulous training
nothings promised even truths a maybe
if you don’t fuck with womb you can die by rabies
you dumb it down, were back to basics
Your TV Your narrow bandwidth
gossip mags those shallow transcripts
hollow questions hardly answered
how old are you my soul is ancient
a 30000 year old wizard
running with scissors
chopping shit up creating shapes
i might pull it out of my brain or one of my crates
you recreate the wheel with flat spots
I hit the road concealed in the stash spot
is something you have not
complex variations on a gritty ass backdrop
scenery you can hear,
so don’t ask what we are on
coming up the lane dookie with baton
and I’m taken it home
if you mistaken the womb
then you awaken in tombs

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Dookiebrownflow x Father Earth = Second Womb

Golem on soundcloud

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Respect to @termitemusic for the graphics!


Love to our Wombmates

~ Enjoy

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Yoo your lyrics is killing it


Salute sir... We jump straight to a bag on this.... One of my favorite performance tracks because its so high energy!


Keep doing what you doing man i got to fuk with you on a collab sometime