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A experimental trance anthem, with a hint of soundtrack style, a feel good and feel lively track.

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Hi wizardzmusic,

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Hello Hello!

Wow I had never heard anything like this, I feel an incredible tickle to hear it, congratulations on your effort and dedication

I hope you have a good day♡

Greetings from Venezuela

Thank you for the feedback, I'm happy to see the likes and that you enjoyed it along with others to. More will come as soon as I am able to produce them. But thanks means a lot to hear the feedback. :)

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hello dear @wizardzmusic, great music, as always !! a beginning of atavistic, primordial sounds and then the music opens up in a thousand shades, like life! continue :-)) and congratulations on your curie evaluation

Thank you for the feedback road2horizon, it's great to hear you like the music.

I allways try to make each song something unique where possible.


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Hi @wizardzmusic, I like the original and experimental music but not so electronic. Possibly if I heard the soundtrack in a video with images I could say the sensations of this sound. Have you thought about any video?

I could make them they are a lot of work and time but in the future I may start to do videos properly, let's get the music finalised and better than is first is the prority

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It's true ... You're a musician. Sounds must speak first ...