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A experimental track with a blend of various music styles, heavy on the synth for a trance like feel.

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Hi wizardzmusic,

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An interesting sound It is not my style but I love the experimental. I like searches and innovations. Something lovely can come from here. Regards @wizardzmusic

Thank you for the kind comment, I hope to improve in time and make some unique songs.

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Thank you for commenting and appreciating the track, I am really pleased you like it, and rest assured more innovative songs will come.

I have made a new song just finished it it's completely different and eerie a Halloween themed clubbing track I call it PHANTOMS it should be available within the next hour.

But yeah thanks for commenting and really glad to see the love for the track thank you.



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Hello Hello!

Wow, the rhythm is amazing! It is totally great, with a lot of style and also the title of the piece if they are held haha

Greetings from Venezuela :)

Thanks iamsaray, I really appreciate the generous comments, I have just produced another totally out there piece, it is a Halloween themed tune I call it PHANTOMS it's incoming soon, I just need to create a cover design and upload them, but yeah really happy to see that you your self and others are enjoy the music it's why I make them.

For my enjoyment and others to listen to and enjoy them, more songs are coming, PHANTOMS should be available within the next hour maybe the coming minutes. :)

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Thank you I am glad you like it :)

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