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Synthwave style contemporary meets 80's movie soundtrack style clubbing track, this is the final and polished version, with major tweaks and finishes added to make it sound good on all formats from headphones to speakers.

A hybrid style track comprising of more than one style simultaneously, with a barrage of cool synth and beat.

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I like it! Nice beat, well done.

Thanks vachemorte means a lot.

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To be fair I am autistic not a good opener for a reply lol, what this meas for me without layman baby hands on guidance is a semi proud of that song hate the fact that song don't express all beats and syths audibly etc etc on all devices, but this one back in time is a culmination of pure perseverance and determination for this song will be made perfect, and this release we chat about hear is a defining moment for me and my ability to master and mix simultaneously to allow all parts of this song to become both audible and pronounced without overload or distortion or under powered bits here over powered bits there, it's a sudden flick a switch moment in my progression as an artist (WIZARDZ) I have a long way to go but I'd say this took 3 days of tweak remaster re fade and readjust the entire song top to bottom over and over and over again to make this current version, and I still want it better

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making a song start to finish just the creation part is a 30 minute upto 4.5 hr job for me it's a gift and I have made endless songs back in time is ome of the first ones actually, and I do want to make killer tracks with perfection nothing but pure perfection every single time, I am not there yet but this is a good start a monumentus transition from poor master to good master moment for me it's given me more drive to get better and I will get better.

You doing great, nothing gonna stop you. Much blessings.

Thanks I am getting there it's taking time but I am also aiming for new heights

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Thank you really do appreciate the feedback and just mainly glad you like it.

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