I+Everything - Art and Artist (live jam)

in dsound •  2 months ago

This is a recording from around 2015, we were practicing for one of the last shows I'd have before a 2 year hiatus. It's one of the oldest songs I wrote and it's gone through a few transformations. This was a nice rendition. As with many shows, I got a much better recording during our practice session.
► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)


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Cool to see that you're indeed sharing more of your music, in its purest form, before the actual 'show' itself.

Great picture too! Your heart seems to have a face. It sure beats like a percussionist.


I think the most important thing I learned in the past four years is rhythm. It doesn't just help my music, it helps me in all areas in my life including interacting with others. When you can feel the rhythm of a person place or thing it makes it so much easier to understand and interact with.

This is beautiful @whatamidoing, even though I felt the Guitar was a bit louder than the voices. What can I say, am a sucker for some good old folk music


Thanks! I don't know a damn thing about recording so everything I make has these kinds of problems. Recording hasn't interested me much until recently so I am learning. This is my favorite recording of the song so far, there is a demo version that a friend did but I think it's a bit more sterile than this live recording and it's without drums.

DSound hates me today -_- but if you're going to keep posting them then statistically I have to be able to catch them eventually :D


Aww shit, still not working, I'll have to put these up elsewhere too