RE: 'Self Expression' from the album, 'DnB Free' by Nowhere Near

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'Self Expression' from the album, 'DnB Free' by Nowhere Near

in dsound •  2 months ago

Great song Zig @onemedia! I dig the Jazz flute. This is Fire. lol. Just noticed when I hit the choon link it leaves this page. Is there a way to open another window instead of closing this one. Just so people don't have to come back to comment. Thanks for the show yesterday

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Thanks @wav-dr I do greatly appreciate your comments and tip!

Well, there's an idea ... I do use html when posting, so to open these links in a new tab, for instance, would require the steemit markdown interpreter to support the target="_blank" attribute inside the '<a href=...' meta tag ...

I haven't tried it, but it would worth a shot, now that you mention it...