Vibeof100monkeys Jibcast - EP6: Vibrational Jibbing to manifestation.

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EP6: Vibrational Jibbing to manifestation

Today I am speaking about how I found my space, in this mixed up reality we live in. I speak about my ways to connect with nature; like a fire, barefoot walking or even meditation with trees. It may sounds odd but then thats what we are lead to think once you try it I guarantee your perspective will change!

It's important for our health we understand the importance of our perception, if this is negative this draws in negative energy, when we have a positive outlook we attract the positive into our lives. This have been tried and tested for generation only to be forgotten again. Many are refinding this outlook and turning their lives around me included. Don't list to the media or those who say it crazy, they will be the first to comment on how happy you are!

Are you on the right vibration...

Discussed today:

My change in perspective
Barefoot walking
Sun gazing

Some links from today

Grounding UK
Infinte Waters
Jesse Elder

Thanks for listening and be sure to ask for my views ...

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You've been visited by @riverflows, on behalf of Natural Medicine. Love your work. Vive la Earth, Vive la grounding. Connecting with nature is the best xx

If you aren't already, consider supporting Natural Medicine through continued use of the #naturalmedicine tag, or delegating any amount through clicking below. We're all for empowerment in natural ways, and love to support those on their healing journey. Come join us on Discord if you're not already there! We'd so love to have you.

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Thanks for the support yes grounding is an incredible healing tool just a shame people think it's odd. In years to come they will look back at us taking pills and think have bazaar when all this natural healing was available 💯🐒

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