Take A Bow Cover By uche-nna.

in #dsound6 years ago

Hello steemians, greetings to y'all. I got some relationship prones today, which left me in thoughts and I ended up with a cover by Rihanna titled take a bow.
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► Listen from source (IPFS)

Nice one mate

Hahaha. In a serious mood.
You look good when you smile brother.
Nice song though

looking so smart

Wow so nice look my friend. I always follow you.please support me

Good nice one man...

Your voice quality is so cute. Thanks @uche-nna

This is absolutely a blow. I think you can make a good artist.

You'll soon produce an album bro, mark my word.
One of your tag #steem-untalented is lacking a "d".

Now may i present you so beautiful son covered by @Uche-nna. And one day ..................

@Music goes to .....................
@Uche-nna ft @Rihanna


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