Dtube Live Studio Jam 2/18/18 : Synthetic Soundscapes ( Dsound/Dtube Exclusive Jam )

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Welcome to my next part of Synthetic Soundscapes, Dsound/Dtube exclusive live synthesizer jam series.

Today my jam really kicks the drums into high gear. I love the results from the Elektron Digitakt. I added heavy reverb on one snare to really life within the drums. The Elektron Digitakt is a powerhouse and has added a lot to my music.

You can see the Dtube live video jam by clicking link below !


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I played the Korg Microkorg live using a custom 80's synth patch. The Microkorg is my workhorse synthesizer, I love the diversity in sound and portability in size. Korg released a synthesizer cheap enough for almost anyone to own but good enough to end up in every song I create.


Live Studio Jam, 2-12-18


► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

good post and useful news..☺
keep posting

Glad you enjoyed it !!! Won't till I drop !

Great sounds, lovely jam. Love the dark atmosphere. BTW, does the microKorg have built in reverb and if so, is it any good?

The FX are great tho. They make the MK come alive

It has delay, flange, phaser and ensemble / All great FX. Don't think reverb tho

I think ensemble can act like a reverb