confusion (live rehearsal session)

in dsound •  10 months ago

This is a live recording from a rehearsal session in one of the bands i used to play in (about 10 years ago). unfortunately rehearsing is as far as we got before we split. our bands sound was hard rock/metal with female vocals which i've always really liked in this style of music. There is about 30 seconds or so of messing around at the start of this track, we were jamming to sweet home Alabama...(as you do at band practice)

Vocals - Jess B
Leed/Rhythm guitars/Lyrics/composition - Mark Schmit
Rhythm guitar - Grant S
Drums - Tom Gent
Bass...... We were still looking for one :(

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)
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Dam the link wasnt playing for me! I was keen to hear this aswell! Metal with female vocal is cool


I have trouble with Dsound sometimes as well