"Ready For War" - RelldaTruth (Prod. By AiMajor)

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Dead God I been thinkin' I just gotta make it Really tired of bein’ around all this fake ish… Hope you hear me cryin out on some Tank shit.

They neva give me credit
Cause they all basic.
They know I speak the truth
& that’s why they hate it.

Almost tied the knot
But I'm glad I waited...

Just got another bill
So I'm glad I'm faded
Don't wanna think about that shit;
They on my wait list.

& they can stay up on it.
Collection calls stress me out
I'm drinking til’ the morning.
My mama worried bout me
Cause she don’t know if I’m snoring.
Or if the cops got me...
Or if she should start mourning...

She always thinkin’ of the worse
& I can't blame her.
She know her son is bout truth
So I can't save her..
Piece of mind
With a simple white lie,
That I know forsure
It ain't gon happen tonight

That a nigga ain't gon get beside they self try me.
I’m a nice guy
But I will catch a body.

Man I get that money
I could do it as a hobby.
I was barely 21
When I whippin’ in that Audi

On the top floor
he was never in my lobby
Was never on my level
& now u can't get beside me..

I'm shaking shit up
Now they callin me poseidon...
Haven't seen that nigga since
I guess that nigga hiding.

He know he owe me more than money
guess that nigga hiding.
We seen his phoney tweets
So we know that nigga lyin.

He can’t even sleep up in that bed that he lie in.
I don't want the fade,
Tell da Truth, I’m a lion.
Somethin like a diamond
All the girls wanna find it.

They all want the ring
& I just can’t get behind it.

No not right now
Man this music got me blinded.
Can't get me off the track
& that’s cause I'm strong minded.

Swear I just dropped some heat
But I gotta keep them reminded.
They don't know my name yet,
Rell da Truth
You should sign em.

But you ain't really got to
He gon get it either way.
But he could use a co-sign
Just to speed up the day.

Just to Speed up the day...
I just wanna get my family
Out of harm's way.
I just wanna make sure that…
All my cousins straight.
& imma take the real ones wit me.
Wit me all the way.

Never had a penny
Had to get it the harder way.
Tried to show her magic
But she said I'm so cliche.

I'll let her see it on the gram
Exactly how I weigh.
now she mad at the comments
Cause they say that I slay.

She already knew that
She just ain't wanna say.
Now she all up on my dick
& I ain't got the time of day.

These bitches’ll have you stupid
If you let them lead the way.
My Nigga, don't you do that.
If you wanna have & eat yo cake.

Don't b that dude left there
With nothin’ on his plate.
Different situations
But I'm sure you can relate.

Startin all over...
not a clue on how to date.
Not sure if I want it now
I’m too use to my space…

She cookin & she cleanin
Now; everything is great.
Let me know if it's temporary,
Cause I really ain't tryna wait.

Oh shit, how quick you trippin

I don't want a second mama.
Turns out I got no babies
I don't need the mama drama.

Blessing to be called a dad
& She can't put my ass child support
Could say fuck this city
But right now I need all yall support.
They like “he tellin all his business”
I’m like I'm building rapport.
grinning cause I'm winning
& I know you see the score

I know you see the score.
Still grinning cause I'm winning
& I know you see the score.

Get buckets in my sleep,
you get money like a chore.
They throwin all them shots,
Tell em Rell ready for war.!

Tell em Rell ready for war.
Yea...Rell ready for war.

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