How To Get Attention In The Age Of Overwhelm

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How To Get Attention In The Age Of Overwhelm

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Ugh! It seems to never stop. We are inundated with messages, all trying to get our attention. All of these wonderful marketers (okay, I’m being generous) are vying to get out attention and have us get involved with them and their products and services. Sometimes you just want to turn off the TV, radio, unplug from the Internet (well, at least for a moment) and get away from it all.

Maybe you can relate to this but I’m feeling a big overwhelmed in this age of constant messaging and more. I want to stay on top of what’s happening but now matter how fast I read, how much I listen to podcasts and how many hours I spend on social media, it just seems to be overwhelming.

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Sometimes I think I’d like to just leave it all. However, that belief is quickly dispelled when I realize I need to stay on top of what is happening. And besides that, I really enjoy reading, listening, watching and consuming information.

So, what can you do in your business to get attention in this age when so much is being thrown at us? How can you stand out in the crowd for your message?

Here are some steps that will help as you deal with all the overwhelm and “stuff” around us.

Accept Fragmentation. By this I mean that the world is big with many interests. Not everyone is going to be interested in what you’ve got to say. Of course we know this intellectually but we need to accept it emotionally when people reject our message. The world is fragmented into different areas of interest today more than ever. Don’t worry about those who reject your message. I find that successful salespeople are those who can quickly shrug off rejection and the endless stream of “NO!” from prospects and keep going. This mindset is critical to facing whatever you do in your business.

Think Focus And Specificity. Being general doesn’t cut it. Find a specific product or message that is desired by others and focus on that. You can’t be everything to everyone. I love the way Bill Cosby said it, “I don’t know the secret to success, but the way to failure is to try and be everything to everybody.” How true!

Be Incredibly Relevant. Your message has to be something that pertains to a strong segment of the market. Don’t market water skis in Northern Alaska in the winter. Sure this sounds obvious but I’m continually amazed at people marketing their “stuff” to people that are nowhere near their target audience. Find where people are hurting and have the “aspirin” to solve that pain.

Be Consistent. Your message becomes part of your brand. You need a continual presence so it communicates reliability. If a magazine only came out sporadically, it would not be dependable. You communicate reliability on a subconscious level when you are consistent.

Use Fun And Funny Appropriately. We all love to laugh. Humor is powerful but be careful to not offend and don’t force it. Let it be natural when you communicate.

You can get attention for your work if you follow these steps. Of course, once you’ve got their attention you need to deliver the results they are looking for or they will not pay attention later. Provide value to others and you’ll get the kind of attention that you need in business.

This way you will be able to reach others and keep your business profitable. Having a profitable business is another good way to get attention in this age of overwhelm!

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It sure is different now than it was back when I was growing up back in the 1980s, wasn’t it? I can remember the old tv we had that only went from channels 2-13 and the only people who had satellite tv were those rich people!

There’s almost too much to choose from now, isn’t there? I could probably go home and watch YouTube or DTube all night and it wouldn’t cost me a penny.

It’s hard to get noticed in this new age of abundance, but at least it’s not like it was back when I was growing up back in the 1980s, and it was almost impossible to get a seat at the table!


I know what you mean @shaungerow. There is SO much information and I like that. Yes, it can be overwhelming but I see that it means we have to get better and better at what we, as content producers, provide the world.

Hey, I grew up in the 60's & 70's and it was WAY different then! 3 channels was it on TV --- and it wasn't color until well into the 60's! (So you don't have to wonder, I was born in 1956).

Yet, throughout history we see similar trends. We have to keep up with the times, adapting and changing. That is the key.

Thank you so very much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope you have a great day.



I can remember my mother telling me about those old black and white TVs and only having 3 channels when she was growing up and she grew up on a farm in northern Alberta! That would be like growing up in the third world by today’s standards! 😂🤣😂🤣