5 Steps To Break Free from "Past Pain" Memory

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5 Steps To Break Free from "Past Pain" Memory

by Terry Brock, for DSound and Steemit

Prosperity is your natural birthright. We’ve heard that truism from great speakers like Randy Gage, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and others many times and we often give tacit approval. But, what does that mean in manifesting abundance in your life? Can you just think about it and make it happen? Do you just grit your teeth, clinch your fists together with closed eyes saying some mantra to make it happen?

Well, that doesn’t work on this planet.

However, there are some specific steps you can take which can help you achieve the abundance and prosperity that is waiting for you every day. Here are some steps I’ve found that turn wishes into reality:

Learn Fast. The world is changing fast and those who exercise critical thinking to solve problems get ahead. Develop the ability to read fast, memorize fast and retain important, market-valuable skills. Your ability to gain new insights quickly will be one of the best skills you can have now and into the future.

Connect with People. We often say in technology, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” Your ability to connect with others and be known as the “Go To Guy/Gal” will pay off in profound ways. How to do it? Serve others and help them with their problems first. Listen to them more than you talk about you.

Unlearn. Hey, if learning is so important, what do you mean by “Unlearn,” Terry? Well, you have to eliminate those thoughts that hurt you or are not valid anymore. What worked before, might not necessarily work today. Be willing to let go of old ideas that don’t work. I like the way Randy Gage has told us many times, we have to even let go of relationships that are toxic and hold us back. Learn to unlearn to manifest prosperity.

Develop Remarkable Resiliency. In your journey of prosperity, you are inevitably going to have some setbacks. You will fall down occasionally. Hey, that’s how it works on this planet! But falling down should be seen as a condition to help you get back up. Correct what you did, learn from setbacks and resolve to go at it again. My buddy Willie Jolley says, “A setback is just a set up for a comeback.” Take advantage of challenges to become more of the ideal person you want to be.

Stay Curious. Have you noticed that those who pretend to know all the answers are the same people less likely to be prosperous? Today’s world is changing fast and conditions are moving fast, so the curious and inquisitive have an advantage. They’ve learned a critical step in learning --- constantly being open to new ideas that work.

Prosperity and abundance are yours. Put these steps into action in your life and you will generate the quality of life you deserve. Besides that, you’ll have a lot more fun too! Practice these 5 steps and you can break free of a past pain that is holding you back from the best you can be.

What do you think my fellow DSounders and Steemians? I’d love to hear from you. Please follow me and upvote this is you like this content. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much for stopping by.

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Hiii.. Terrybrock

Great Post with Relative picture. Very Informative Post for all of us.


Thank you, @bharat273 for your comment. Glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate you stopping by. Oh, and yes, finding the right picture takes some time, but is worth it. Thanx for noticing.


Always welcome... Bro

i have so many past memories that i cant forget, they are so sad memories, everytime i think of it, my day goes really bad.


Sorry to hear that. Did the points I mentioned help? Don't live in the past. Implement those principles and break free of that past pain. I look forward to hearing from you!