5 Things to Do & 5 to NEVER Do on Steemit

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5 Things to Do & 5 to NEVER Do on Steemit for Success

By Terry Brock for Steemit & DSound

The more things change, the more they stay the same” - French novelist Alphonse Karr (1808-90).

I have to smile when I hear people talking about how the world has changed. People often complain about others using digital technology and say that they're not really connecting with other people. This could be true of some, but I think digital technologies like Facebook, Linkedin and others actually let us connect with other people more.

I’ve been particularly impressed lately with a platform called steemit.com where they pay users to write and produce content. The principles of interacting with others are uncannily like what we saw when I worked on the McGraw-Hill book, Klout Matters, a few years ago (eons ago in Internet years!), with my co-author Gina Carr.

The principles that mattered with Klout (when it was really hot) now matter on Steemit and other places. Kindness, caring, and helping others still matter more than the technology. Here are my observations:

Do these activities on Steemit and in other social media areas:

  1. Provide useful, solid content for others
  2. Use lots of pictures that are relevant and interesting
  3. GIFs can grab attention quickly and are very useful (giphy.com is a great source for some standard, fun GIFs. I love Snag-in from Techsmith for creating custom GIFs that stand out.)
  4. Respond to people yourself and don’t use boilerplate text responses all the time.
  5. Upvote others which helps them financially.

Don’t do these activities on Steemit and other social media areas:

  1. Don’t talk only about yourself and what you do to the neglect of helping others.
  2. Don’t constantly ask others to do something for you (on Steemit things like up vote or resteem). It is okay to ask but give a lot of value first. I like a good 7 to 1 ratio of giving versus asking. (Not a bad ratio for giving/asking in life.)
  3. Do your research to find out what people want rather than just “going with your gut” on what you think they want. With all due respect, your “gut” can be wrong
  4. Honor the protocols and norms of the place where you are. You wouldn't wear a bathing suit to a black tie event, nor wear a tuxedo to the beach. Act appropriately in the environment where you are and do what is expected. Be contextually sensitive and appropriate.
  5. Don't complain all the time. Some people want to rant and complain continually and after a while it becomes very annoying. It's okay to talk about something you disagree with, but even when you're criticizing, try to put forth a positive alternative.

Yes, technology continues to change at a very rapid pace. Remember that while you're scrambling to stay current with new technology, embrace the still-relevant principles which have lasted a long time. Focus on building relationships with quality people and you will go far no matter what technology is emerging.

Please leave a comment and share this with your community. Your feedback, my fellow Steemians & DSounders, means a lot. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Very useful advice @terrybrock :)
All advice are really good, especially the use of gif. I try to use it in my post.
Thanks for the valuable information :)
I also write some articles about it, if you have little time please check it and give me some suggestions how can I write better :)

Great tips, my dear friend
You are always useful here
You are my destiny here
I hope to become as successful as you are dear
Thank you for the great advice I will make with sure


You are very kind, but you can be enormously successful with the photography and work you're doing. Keep up the good work and thank you for your kind words.

Hi, how are you, welcome back, happy see you again, great posting, very useful, thank for knowledge today

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Thank you for your kind words, @aiyub99. Glad to see you again.


You are welcome

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hahaha its gold man here


Thanks you

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That's a credible advice from you...
A lot of us get on here without understanding a lot of things and that gets to be a huge problem to us; i see this as a very sound awareness, thanks lots for sharing.
Much love @joyart


Thank you for your nice comment, @joyart. Yes, it can sometimes be a bit difficult figuring out what to do here. However, as we learn and grow, we can do better. You are putting forth the effort to learn and I commend you for that. Keep up the good work. I look forward to having you visit again.


I feel blessed to receive a feedback from you... I'll definitely visit from time to time and at the same time work hard to be better; thanks so much, for your encouraging words


You betcha, @joyart. Wishing you all the best and yes, it is very good to have you with us here on Steemit.

Thanks for the gif idea.... never really thought of using that on my blog until just now!


Yes, I've found that GIFs grab a lot of attention. I like using them. Thank you for your comment, @shaungerow.

Yes, I was afraid. I thought someone hacked into my account that they have my address. I've never been apart of an air drop so you understand my concern. I also didn't sign up for anything. I also received 7.77 VIN and I didn't understand what it was at first.


Huh? I think you might be posting in the wrong place. Hope things work out for you.


Glad you are safe. We have to maintain continual alert for our keys here on Steemit like with other cryptocurrencies. Thank you for your comment. Come back and visit again.

Very useful tips. Truly, they're all the important things I've figured out in my Steemit journey. This will help a lot that do post vague words out there. Thanks @terryblock


Thank you, @tobah. Glad to have you visit and I look forward to your future visits. All the best.


Thank you also 😊

Don't do is more helpful than any theng else. your post helps many people. thanks for the psot


You are most kind, @nagavolu. Thank you for stopping by and your comment. Yes, the "Don't do" part seems particularly appropriate.

I JUST found you on dsound. This talk is pure gold guys. I absolutely love the 7:1 ratio concept. This is something that I need to institute in my content. I fairly new but I am learning a ton. Thanks for sharing your insight and I’ll be waiting to hear what you have next for us. Take care!


Thank you for your comment, @downrighthustle (love that moniker!). Yes the 7:1 ratio seems to work well and is appropriate. Too many people want to jump to the ask on the first encounter. Thank you for your comment and I look forward to having you visit again.

My hope is that steemit does become a great platform and community to share good content and help others. It's up to the users to see how it grows.


Yes, Steemit is great now. It is a thriving, growing community. However, since they let those human beings in a while back, they do things that, well, things that human beings do! :-)

Seriously, it is a very good community and has a wonderful system to help encourage progress. I'm impressed with it and love it. Glad to have you on board with us, @endlessknot. All the very best to you!

How do i rate this great work here. This masterpiece is dope and i will simple say is classic. I can feel the kick on my ear but my poor local browsing network is trying to stress me @rok-sivante


Great content on this blog @terrybrock even if for an artist here on steemit will be hard to reach all the people from the platform without trying to encourage the steemians thru their creations to upvote them/resteem and so on ... and the danger of it that people will start not to listen annymore to the True Art/Music is because like in all other platforms ... it will be invaded with all kind of songs/cover music ... no comment about it ... and people are thinking that "every form of art/music" would sound/look like that ... people nowadays are to much into "covering" others music/art instead of creating their own music ... even when you're playing/creating upon a standard ... i think it will be more interesting to insert your own little ideas inside of the song and something magically will happen' ... Hope to stay in touch @terrybrock

Regards and keep posting good blogs

Have a Blessed Day sir


I hear you, @luciannagy. Thank you very much for your comment. It is really about getting known and that relates to marketing. Yes, artists who do the best are those who are exceptionally good at marketing.

On Steemit that means you need to get to know people and let them get to know you as a person. Comment on their work. Reference what they said or did.

It takes work, but, hey, that makes it fun. You are on the right track and I commend you! Hope you have a great week ahead and thank you very much for stopping by.


Thanks for your answer @terrybrock

By "reference what they said or did" means that i can create my blog on which i can copy your blog link or discuss on some of your phrases presented in your own blog?

I think i'll create a small blog regarding the managing issues of the artists

My brother, Johann the bassist from my Tribe www.balkumbatribe.com always said that the artists should learn 1st at least the basics of marketing/management so they will be able to sustain their artistic work

Thanks for your comment and we'll maintain the connection thru steemit