Worldwide Cypher Jam [ ROUND 76 ] "Calling All MCs/Singers of Earth!!" 白蚁.

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  • Play the beat I have made for you and record your bars/freestyle/lyrics/singing/scratching/epic solo/deadly scatt/whatever you got, over it!!! I call this beat 'bass blob jammage'. 白蚁.
  • Use phones/laptops/cameras/home studio or whatever you want to record it!!! Technology does not matter, just skill!!

Download link:


  • There are NO rules!!!
  • Post your entries below, or comment with a link to your entry post.
  • 'Best' entry to the cypher gets the SBD or STEEM from this post!
  • You have until I switch the beat in 2 weeks (Sunday 26th May)!!!


THIS IS THE RAW S** T!!!!!!!!!
Peace and enjoy.

... Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!!!


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► Listen from source (IPFS)


Yo! Ive been watching and reading too much about conspiracies lately! Heres my strange, weird conspiracy entry lol

Man!! This is siiiiick!!

Good beat bro. is underground. im going to record a song with this!

cant wait to hear what you got bro!!!!!!

Im was listenig the last nigth the beat, but in the sound i wish make it some editions. Can i make it before record the song?

Ey bro, this is my new song, is Freshh Style, (@termitemusic in the beat)
It was recorded in my house and mix for me. Is real underground.

Delegado Freshh!/@venom1987/20190518t212211084z-estilo-fresco-rmx-delegado-freshh

Yo!!! This is sick man!!! Like it alot!!