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Variegated civilisations rise and fall, and what today is considered superlative is soon thrashed in the dustbin of history. However, humanity is constrained more by their belief in the physical rather than the divine. Man is too myopic to see the true homogeneity of the universe. He glorifies the shadow and ignores the substance, hence he's off the track. In his ignorance he does not see that he is a part and parcel of the Cosmos, he only being an infinitesimal sameness with the larger Cosmos.

This ignorance is fuelled and perpetuated by those in authority, imparting false or erroneous teachings upon the generality of people just to keep them enslaved in their ignorance and thoughtlessness.

There is a pervasive tone of sadness in the poem, a regret that people perish for lack of knowledge, and cannot be set free because they are steep in the track down the road of falsehood.

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