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I must confess that I read this poem several times over before being able to make some sense out of it. The sheer rhythm of the lines make it melodious to read and re-read.

As I read it dawned on me the place of man in the humongous Cosmos. We're so minute, yet we take ourselves so seriously, almost gallivanting in childish arrogance that we are the masters of the universe. But when you consider the cells of your body and trace these to your whole body, then to your family, town, country, earth, our own galaxy, you'll suddenly realise that we are nothing but the microcosm of the macrocosm. Thank you for igniting deeper thoughts in my mind @d-pend.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Hey there @sungbojus, I appreciate the comment and I'm glad the piece was so expansive for you! About the melody present in this piece, it really came through in the consciousness like a song moreso than a poem. Many times when I'm writing it's actually a sound vibration that I'm hearing and struggling to transcribe, which ends up with a quite unusual word or even a neologism if that is what is required to fulfill the proper melody and rhythm. Other times, writing is a bit more mundane, focused on the semantic aspect of what the piece is expressing. Anyway, thought I'd share that. It was very skewed towards feeling like song this time.