New Original Song: Qrittix & Bonnie Legion - Shoot for the Stars

in dsound •  last month

Speech Clip by Alan Watts Producer: Sven Qrittix Driesen Singer-Songwriter: Shavon Bonnie Legion Listen to this song on Choon

I'm alone inside at night when I'm away from you
I'm confused by the guiding lights, can't get away from you

Let's shoot for the stars, we're driving on mars in Tesla cars,
lets dream with our minds, let's go through the lines,
it's a funny thing, it's a funny thing we've all gone mad

I'm surviving this life, I will continue to,
there's a personal stare inside your eyes,
and I'm intrigued by you,

ancient tablets, ancient ways,
ancient words for these modern days,
all these lines and all this haze,
all these bruises for justice sake

Thanks for listening
Shavon Bonnie Legion

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Wonderful track.Your track inspired me.Very fantastic lyrics of this song.I m so enjoying this track.Thanks for sharing @Bonnie.

Great track, my friend and this dynamic motive sets me in motion! Thanks Bonnie