Bruno Motta feat. Bonnie Legion - Get That Feeling

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Producer: Bruno Motta Singer Songwriter: Shavon Bonnie Legion Bass Lovers Indie Dance


Tick tock on the big bad high clock,
where is all the fortune we made? the best plans that we laid?
they cant all be saved, I'm not a willing slave,
he said he understood, she said she felt my pain,
I'm counting stars on the ceiling and I get that feeling that my realities gone, this is a dreamscape,
am I a super villain? science horror filming, is it you I'm killing in my free state?
See now I got that feeling, unreliable healing, heat under the sound I'm gonna vibrate,
react to the crowd, I'm rolling seven,
two shots, a cigar and a map to heaven been two shots a cigar and a map to heaven

Sometimes I get this feeling, everyone's watching but no one's hearing me,
it's not words on the cards I'm dealing its just a feeling, overspilling me

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much love
Shavon Bonnie Legion

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I listen this track from love ypur beautiful voice.Very amazing song.Very interesting lyrics.Very impressive background music.You are best singer on steemit.Sometimes You performed this song very wonderfully.I always enjoying your songs.Thanks for sharing.@Bonnie.