Qrittix & Bonnie Legion - To the Top

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Original Song: To The Top Gerne: Electronic Pop Sound Legion Collaborative Artist Music House Producer: Sven Qrittix Driesen @qrittix Vocals/Lyrics: Shavon Bonnie Legion @soundlegion


I got the supplies, I'm building mountains, im climbing straight to the top, I got the mind, I got the actions, I got the beans in the pot, golden am I , rare as the sky, bones in the ground i forgot, theres no confusion, mountain illusion, im gonna rest at the top, Everythings so flat, everythings so round, everything is open, im not broken, im profound color me in tired, stripped in shades of blue, color me an ocean like the master painters do, Everything is straight, everything is curved, everythings perspective, placing bets on what you heard, color me in purple stripped in shades of green, tell me your religion, what the ancient letters mean, chorus everything is so much more than I can see, everything is building up , sleep my apathy, all of this in color all of this in grey, for every voice in every land, can we listen what they say, bricks to build my house, bricks to build your wall, stones to build my mountain, from the dust that made us all chorus

Thanks for Listening Shavon Bonnie Legion

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Great song Bonnie. Problem is when we do get to the top of that mountain the view changes and we are left without a new challenge to motivate us. Stone walls or houses do not help relationships only prevent individual growth. Again I truly enjoyed the song. Thanks for sharing my friend @soundlegion.

Wao wonderful track,very impressive music,Such a lovely voice,bonnie,very great lyrics,heart touching music,very excellent back ground music,thanks for sharing,

Beautiful logo.I like it very much