Bonnie Legion - Alway On The Run (Qrittix)

in dsound •  3 months ago

produced by netherlands producer sven qrittix driesen with vocals and lyrics from california singer songwriter shavon bonnie legion Bonnie Legion Escapist Full Album

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Thanks for listening guys
Shavon Bonnie Legion

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Wow very wonderful dsound-original music post my best friend @soundlegion . I like it your great post my best friend. thanks for sharing your beautiful life

A very beautiful piece my friend. I so enjoy your talent Bonnie @soundlegion.

Wao such a great track.i really likes your all tracks.your voice is so heart touching.wonderful background music.very amazing lyrics.i really enjoying your track.thanks for sharing.Bonnnie.

good posts about music

Your music is realy interesting.I love your song

Your song is beautiful. Lovely post and thank you for info about music